Tuning Forks

$190 includes shipping within Australia and are a student who has purchased a tuning fork course.

Please email Mimi Love 


TF set only available to students enrolled and paid for in tuning fork course/workshop. $190 includes shipping

Includes 8 pc 4th Dimension/Octave Tuning Fork Set with Rubber Mallet and a Free Velvet Case while stocks last;

Includes Delivery $190 – Please note you must be a student of the course to purchase these forks

256hz Base Chakra – C Note

288hz Sacral Chakra – D Note

320hz Solar Plexus – E Note

341.3hz Heart Chakra – F Note

384hz Throat Chakra – G Note

426.6hz Third Eye Chakra – A Note

480hz Crown Chakra – B Note

512hz 5th Dimension – One full octave higher than 256 – C Note




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