Shampoo Soap Heart Shaped x 3

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$35 Shampoo/Soap Bar Heart Shaped x 2 Sale

Special Blend Small Batch - Made with Essential Oils either - Patchouli & Rose or Patchouli Rose & Rose Geranium

Normally $39 Save $4 and Pay Only $35

Blue Earth Shampoo/Soap Bar is a heart shaped handmade natural castile – organic extra virgin olive oil soap with 100% essential oil blended aromas approximately 70g. Castile soap is very moisturising and works well on your hair and skin. It doesn’t lather much as those nasty chemicals are not used in the production of this soap bar. It is only organic extra virgin olive oil, lye and essential oils and powdered clay for colour. Free from parabens, sulphates, sodium lauryl sulphate etc. Normally $13 each x 3 = $39 save $4 and pay only $35.

Pink/Indian Aroma Shampoo Soap Bar

The picture is of pink clay on the soap, which looks more brown when dried when its mixed with the olive oil base.

Dry-Normal Hair & Skin

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Aqua, Lye, Essential Oils Patchouli, Rose and/or Rose Geranium & Pink Clay.

Handmade Natural Soap with no nasties, no preservatives, no benzoates, no parabens, no sodium lauryl sulphate.

I use a very good quality extra virgin olive oil and filtered water even though I use my own rain water from my concrete tanks.

Distinct Indian aroma with the Patchouli and the added sweetness of Rose oil.

Patchouli brings unity and brings your head and heart together on all levels of existence and taps into your real strength.

Rose is all about LOVE and bringing back the warmth and flow to change our beliefs on how we experience love now, in the present. We must embrace our passions in life and live emotionally nurturing ourselves and others with LOVE.

Spiritually balancing the heart to be open and passionate and bring balance to yin/yang female/male energetics to your universal energy.

Pink clay is for dry and sensitive skin and is gentle.


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