Purple/Heavenly Aroma


Purple/Heavenly Aroma

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I made my shampoo/soap bar for myself originally and then distributed to family and friends before I started selling it. It’s because I needed it for myself as my skin reacted to chemicals and even natural soaps would dry out my skin and cause a rash. I’m hypersensitive and even though my skin is dry I can still use this scent as well. Olive oil soaps are enriching and moisturising.


Purple/Heavenly Aroma Shampoo Soap Bar is my Spiritual Signature Aroma

The picture is of pink clay on the soap, which looks more brown when dried when its mixed with the olive oil base.

Dry-Normal Hair & Skin

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Aqua, Lye, Essential Oils Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Orange & Pink Clay.

Handmade Natural Soap with no nasties, no preservatives, no benzoates, no parabens, no sodium lauryl sulphate.

I use a very good quality extra virgin olive oil and filtered water even though I use my own rain water from my concrete tanks.

Ylang Ylang is a heavily scented flower that brings peace and brings you to a meditative state.

Patchouli brings unity and brings your head and heart together on all levels of existence and taps into your real strength.

Orange is a happy oil to lessen the seriousness of life everyday, and great for allergies and the immune system.

A balance of aroma for yin/yang to balance female/male energetics for walking on your spiritual path.

Pink clay is for dry and sensitive skin and is gentle.


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