Olive Leaf Medium Bag


Known as the “Tree of Life” in the Bible.

The taste has a mildly sweet, pleasant taste.


Organic Olive Leaf 40g Medium Bag $9

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Known as the “Tree of Life” in the Bible. More studies show that olive leaf is a powerful medicinal tool, with benefits including cardiovascular and immune system support, an increase in energy levels and healthy blood pressure. A Mediterranean diet with olives, seafood, olive oil, vegetables and fruit is considered very healthy.

The taste has a mildly sweet, pleasant taste.

Olive leaves are rich in polyphenolic compounds that are known to have antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory activities. Therefore, olive leaf extract (OLE) is considered as a natural supplement.

Olive leaf extract intake inhibits cartilage destruction by increasing high molecular weight hyaluronan production from synoviocytes and thus preventing progression of knee osteoarthritis.
Olive leaves contain a very fascinating molecule called tyrosol, that reduces stress and mental fatigue to help us sleep better!
Mental health benefits: Preliminary research suggests that oleuropein, along with other antioxidants, may aid in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder–induced anxiety, stress, and depression by increasing serotonin levels. Levels of serotonin increased with low dose of olive oil while homovanillic acid (HVA), a metabolite of dopamine increased with both doses of olive oil. Low dose of olive oil increased glutathione peroxidase activity whereas high dose of olive oil decreased malondialdehyde levels in plasma.

It lowers blood pressure, reduces cardiovascular risks and improve immunity, blood sugar, lipid profiles and bone health. Olive leaf tea is a great caffeine free replacement for your night time cuppa.

Tea made from olive leaves fights yeast infections and viral infections, such as herpes. The antioxidants can help to treat tumors and cancers such as liver, breast, and prostate cancer and maintains normal DNA repair.

A major component oleuropein has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory actions that help treat infections, inflammation, diabetes, hypertension and the oleanolic acid can increase your energy levels, metabolism and boost your thyroid due to a 2006 study.

By regulating the expression of genes that affect weight gain it helps prevent obesity.


Some people may develop an allergy to olive leaf extract.

The pollen from the olive leaf can trigger severe respiratory allergic reactions for those allergic to plants in the Oleaceae family including Ash trees.

Olive leaf extract may increase the effect of blood thinners, such as Warfarin. Please avoid and consult your doctor if you are on any Rx medications.


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