Health & Wellness Free 15 min Discovery Call Chat



Health & Wellness Free 15min Chat with Mimi Love
Free Discovery Call

Monday to Wednesday is generally easier to arrange your free chat and Monday to Friday can be arranged.

Bookings are essential to arrange your chat as Mimi Love takes appointments 7 days a week and can be very busy on the weekends servicing clients.

This is the best way to tell if you can relate to the therapist to see if Mimi Love suits your needs.

What type of therapies you are interested in?

What type of therapy suggestions might be best for you?

You can ask questions and get some tips for your health and wellness.

If your happy you can then arrange a booking for the phone, interactive video, or face to face session.

Please fill in your correct details for email and mobile phone so that Mimi Love can contact you and arrange your Free Discovery Call Chat



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