FOL – Frequencies of Life Tuning Fork Course

Original price was: $579.00.Current price is: $479.00.

T & C’s APPLY: Once you have been paid for each module and you have been sent the link there is no refund.

However if you cancel before next module is paid for you can leave the course at any stage, and it will be incomplete.

However if the course is incomplete and you only pay for a partial course it will be charged at the full price of $579 and then first module is $179 and consequent modules are $100 each. You can cancel the course and the refund will be adjusted accordingly.

You can decide it you want the course to be for personal learning, professional add on with exams, assessments and certificate. At any stage you can change your mind and it can be adjusted up or down to suit your needs.

Certificate of attendance can be issued per module.

Certificate of completion can only be issued once everything is completed.

Please note with certificate of completion it requires written assessments and exams as well as practical exams live or taped to be sent to Mimi Love for review.

FOL - Tuning Fork Course 5-6mths. Basic learning for your use to a student and healing therapy.

Full Course Modules 1-5 one off payment $479 or Payment Plan $579.

PAYMENT PLAN; Deposit $179 Monthly x 5 payments of $100.

Optional Extra Module 6 $100.

8pc Chakra Tuning Fork Set 4th Octave/4th Dimension with Rubber Mallet and Velvet Pouch.

8pc Chakra Tuning Fork Set 4D

Tuning Fork Set can only be purchased if enrolled and paid for the course or deposit of the payment plan. 

8pc Chakra Tuning Fork Set extra $190 includes postage or

23 Planet & chakra Healing Cards and Booklet in Purple

Planet & Chakra Healing Cards

23pc Purple Healing Card Set & Booklet $50 includes postage or

PC & TD Cards, Booklet & Spray for healing in Purple & Silver

PC & TD Cards, Booklet & Spray for Healing

PC - Planet & Chakra - Purple Healing Card Set, Booklet & Spray $75 includes postage

TD - Transdimensional - Silver Healing Card Set, Booklet & Spray $75 includes postage



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