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Please ADD TO CART for your free course information to be emailed to you for you to review.

There are three ways you can obtain your course validation and you can choose to do this as step 1, then step 2 and then step 3.

  1. Receipt FOL Sound Healing Course – work on yourself for education purposes.
  2. Statement of Completion – FOL Sound Healing Student for completing the course and handing in all the written assessments – Sound Healing Student and by handing in 3 practical assessments written in up as a client balance for each module that you need to provide practical assessments on clients, emailing the appropriate client history sheet form or aura/chakra form. At the end doing one practical assessment working on a client via video or live feed. The camera set up will be focused on the client for their responses and how you talk to the client, and what forks you use and your techniques and how you use them on the client.
  3. Certificate of Competency – FOL Sound Healing Certificate IV for completing the written assessments and practical exams and by completing the criteria of practical assessments and videos for each module to show Competency.

The course is envisaged to have 5 modules with an optional 6 module and to do one module per month with 6 months to complete 5 modules and an extra month to complete the optional module. You can defer the course to complete within 12 months if you wish.

Within each module there may be multiple sections to complete.

Within the modules as you proceed to the modules about how to use the forks there will be a link to a private YouTube Channel for you to view the videos for that module. As the information is too big to download and easier for you to just watch. At the moment I have it all set up on Sway which is an interactive Microsoft site which you can use a link to enter into and will be sent to you each month.



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