Detox Tea – Small Bag


Detox Tea Small Bag


40g Detox Tea Blend – Small Bag $9

80g Medium Bag $18

80g Glass Jar $21

Detox Tea Blend is a blend of Organic Lavender Flowers, Hawthorn Berries & Roasted Dandelion Root – Caffeine Free.

Relaxing and soothing lavender that helps relieve pain, fever and digestion.

Hawthorn Berries can help reduce fluid build-up and improve symptoms of congestive heart failure and help the kidneys by acting as a diuretic. It has a blood thinning effect so stop taking if having any surgery or check with your doctor if you are on blood thinning medication. Helps control blood pressure and high cholesterol and good for boils and skin sores and has antibacterial properties. Also strengthens your immune system with anti-inflammatory properties.

Roasted Dandelion Root helps support and detoxify the liver.

Good for detoxifying the Liver, Heart and Spleen.


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