Chrysanthemum Flowers – Medium Bag



40g $10 Organic Chrysanthemum Flowers – Medium Bag

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Chrysanthemum has been used for hundreds of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine and used (ju hua cha) as a remedy for allergy itchy eyes. painful, teary or dry eyes and clears heat. It has been used as a bitter herb for anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, sedative, anti-arthritic and anti-hypertensive.

Chrysanthemums symbolise friendship, happiness, harmony, longevity, purity, loyalty, honesty spirituality and well-being and attract good luck into your home. It is known as the flower for mothers and signifies life and rebirth.

The tea brewed from the dried flowers has a light golden hue and a mild, flowery flavour similar to chamomile but not as gritty. In salads the flowers taste tangy, bitter, peppery and mildly sweet with a herbal flavour and notes of honey.

Anti-oxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory

Helps as a nerve relaxant, anxiety, reduces acne, diabetes, depression, a natural diuretic, cools the body, lowers blood pressure, calms, cancer, regulates cortisol, fights against congestion and respiratory conditions, fevers, improved heart health, heart disease and lower cholesterol, reduces menstrual cramps during menstruation, skin health, stress, stroke, high in Vitamin C and A, helps prevent osteoporosis, protects the liver and improves vision.

Excellent source of Magnesium, phosphorus and has a high concentration of vitamin B; choline, folic acid, niacin and riboflavin and beta-carotene, and helps digestion by increasing assimilation of fat and can help with weight loss. It is recommended you drink for 3-5 days then take a break.

Also used for natural dyeing producing a beautiful natural yellow. Yellow flowers are used to treat conditions and the white flowers are used to treat the eyes.

CAUTION: If you suffer from dermatitis, skin redness, swelling or itching please discontinue use. It may cause an increased sensitivity to sunlight causing increased risk of sunburn. Be wary children touching the flowers may cause skin rash or blisters. Toxic to cats, dogs and horses.


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