Black Cohosh – Small Bag



40g $11 – Organic Black Cohosh Root Small Bag 

Black Cohosh Root (Actaea Racemose) is a woodland herb native to North America.

It is an analgesic and phytoestrogen, which helps relieve the symptoms of menopause; heart palpitations, hot flushes, irritability, nervousness, night sweats, sleep disturbances, tinnitus vaginal dryness, and vertigo. It may increase weight gain in menopausal women. It will lower testosterone levels.

It is a natural painkiller and has anti-inflammatory properties.

CAUTION: If you have any liver disorders or you develop dark urine, jaundice while taking this as a supplement you should discontinue use. Remember tea or tea tonics are gentler on the body and will accumulate over time so use in moderation and take regular breaks from using it. Children under 18 should avoid taking it. People at high risk of stroke, blood clots or seizures should avoid taking this. If you are pregnant or have or had endometriosis, breast cancer or uterine cancer do not use. Avoid if having alcohol or any medication that can increase the risk of liver damage as it can increase the damage to the liver.


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