Holistic Artwork inspired by colour as you transform your feelings as it takes shape onto the canvas 

My Products

Mimi Love’s Blue Earth products are handmade wtih love, all the products are infused with quality essential oils and tuning fork vibrations. 

Colour Alchemy Sprays 100ml glass bottles in a choice of four colours, when in stock, either Green, Blue/Indigo, Blue & Pink and Orange & Purple with either black lids and sometimes silver lids depending on bottle.

Colour Alchemy Sprays

Colour Alchemy Sprays $25 each

Crystal Alchemy Roll On with crystal roller in a choice of 10 crystals from left to right Sodalite, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Black Obsidian, Fluorite, Green Adventurine, Lapis Lazuli and Tiger's Eye

Crystal Alchemy Roll On 10ml Glass Bottle

Crystal Alchemy Roll On $25 each

Colour Alchemy Roll on glass bottles 10ml with crystal roller in various colours

Colour Alchemy Roll On 10ml Glass Bottle

Colour Alchemy Roll On $22 each

23 Planet & chakra Healing Cards and Booklet in Purple

Planet & Chakra Healing Cards

Purple Planet & Chakra Healing Cards & Booklet $50 includes postage

22 Transdimensional Healing Cards & Booklet in Silver representing the energy of Ancient Civilisations, Star Constellations and Higher Vibrations.

Transdimensional Healing Cards & Booklet

Silver Transdimensional Cards & Booklet $50 includes postage. Ancient Civilisations, Star Constellations & Higher Vibrations

PC & TD Cards, Booklet & Spray for healing in Purple & Silver

 PC & TD 3 pc Set Cards, Booklet & Spray for Healing $75 per set includes postage

8pc Chakra Tuning Fork 4th Dimension Set one whole octave and one C note one octave higher with a rubber mallet only with velvet case

8pc Chakra Tuning Fork 4D Set

8pc Chakra TF Set with Rubber Mallet and Velvet Case $190 includes postage. Please note limited supply and only those attending my course can purchase the tuning forks. 

FOL - Frequencies of Life Tuning Fork Course

FOL – Frequencies of Life Tuning Fork Course

FOL – Tuning Fork Course 5-6mths. Basic learning for your use to a student and healing therapy. Full Course Modules 1-5 one off payment $479 or Payment Plan $579. Deposit $179 Monthly x 5 payments of $100. Optional Extra Module 6 $100.

Vibrational Medicine 101 PDF

Vibrational Medicine 101 PDF

Vibrational Medicine 101 PDF is the basics into vibrational medicine and is sent as an e-book Introductory Price $15.

Blue Earth Products

Blue Earth Products are handmade by Mimi Love with Love.

All rights are reserved. The material presented on this website has been researched and written from reputable sources and should not be used for diagnosis of a condition. Material has been written for educational purposes. All diagnosis and relevant tests should be carried out by a medical doctor or specialist.  Please consult your medical doctor before using the tea/tea blends as it maybe contraindicated for your condition or with the Rx medication you are taking. The author and publisher disclaim any responsibility for any liability, loss, injury or damage incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from the use and application of any of these products and tea/tea blends. 

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way.

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Earth to you

Mimi Love comes from a place of love, knowledge and understanding. Creating her natural products happened over time to fill the gaps of what she could not buy elsewhere that worked for her, and in doing as created her own brand of natural handmade products that she uses on a daily basis for everyday living.

How It Works is Mind, Body Medicine!



Senses – See what you desire!

Look what draws you in and what you desire, and tap into your energy and see if you need it!



Visual colour therapy will draw you in and what you see can make you feel better!



What feels right for me! Gut feelings help you know what feels right for you!



Thoughts are working to equate whether you need it or not? Thought processing can be reliable or unreliable depending on your state of wellbeing. It is better to see if your higher self knows!



Tantalise your taste buds with certified organic loose leaf tea & blends, and/or herbs, spices & fruit. 



How does it the touch of the product make you feel!



The smell might trigger or activate memories within, as you keep using the aroma, process the old memories and patterns and move forward and the smell will keep evolving and so does your healing process.



Is your higher self or guides talking to you, Can you hear them or are they thoughts that pop into your head. Hearing how to manage or change is working with the energy of wind. Change happens softly, slowly, swiftly or turbulently! Sound is a powerful vibrational tool for healing.