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Professional Accredited  Courses                

IICT: International Institute for Complementary Therapies
AKA: Australian Kinesiology Association – TBA




Aroma Aromatic Emotions 101, 102, 103

Aromatic Massage 104

Aromatic Evaluation via Smell 105

Aroma Sprays & Healing Oils 106

Aroma: Learn how to use 100% essential oils for therapeutic uses via smell, application, blending, massage, safe standards and practices. Professional evaluation of emotional triggers using 100% essential oils with blending and Kinesiology muscle testing to activate and release or repair trauma.

Acu- Reflexology Energetics 101

Acu-pressure points used on the feet to help with health & wellness.

Chakra Energetics 101, 102

Chakra Energetics – Kinesiology 103 

Chakra energetics is health and wellness for the mind, body and soul healing, from basic to advanced therapy techniques, to integration with other therapies.

Chinese Energetics 101 

The principle of Chinese Philosophy, Yin/Yang Theory and the Elements.

Colour Energetics 101, 102 

Colour Therapy 103 

Why are you attracted/love certain colours, and why do you dislike/hate others? Colour energetics and colour therapy is therapy for your mind, body and soul and awareness on how to learn colours to change your mood, home, work or lifestyle.

Food is Earth Medicine:

Heal your Body with Vitamins & Minerals 104, 105

Heal your Body with Herbs & Spices 101, 102, 103

Earth Medicine is using what nature intended us to do, keep it simple, clean, as natural or organic as possible, using food from the earth as vitamins and minerals, to herbs, teas and spices as therapy for human survival, health and wellness.

Kinesiology Energetics 101, 102, 103

Kinesiology is muscle testing and using kinesthetics through the sense of  touch and feeling, for, body alignment, structure and posture, brain and nerve conductivity to learn how to re-align the human anatomy for homeostasis, health and wellness of the mind, body and soul.


Classes & Workshops in mediation for learning how to quiet the monkey mind.

Meridian Massage 101 

Massage with the Chinese Philosophy of switching on and off the Meridians to help with re-balancing, energising, activating, sedating channels of energy in the body for health and harmony.

Mind, Body & Soul Energetics 101 

Learn how mind, body and soul are connected to all energetics within the body and to all living forms of life.

Numerology Energetics 101, 102, 103 

Do you want to know how your date of birth impacts on your life? Numerology was developed by Pythagoras in his Mystery School as part of mathematics and science. Basic numbers to working how the energetics of numerology makes patterns of shapes, and how partners connect, and whether they are attracted or repelled by similar energy of those shapes or numbers. 

Palmistry 101, 102, 103

Is a science of your Blueprint which has been imprinted on your hands as a fetus at around 6-8 weeks gestation. Learn some basic skills into reading the lines and marks on your hands and the difference from your natal hand to your dominant hand and what changes have occurred. The future can be assessed but is ever changing and from the thought of change it can take around 6 weeks to change on your hand, to show a different future. Different shapes of hands, show different qualities, virtues, vices, types of employment, personalty and what type of life, heart, and mental capacity was and is present. 

Psychic Awareness 101, 102, 103

All human beings have the capacity to become aware of psychic energy and feel when the room is cold as the energy is heavy and frozen to a buzz of activity when the party is pumping. Learn how to become aware of your strengths and weaknesses to start working and developing your own psychic abilities. This workshop can also be delivered as a face to face or online course, one on one, personal development. Delivered over days, weekly and/or monthly and other courses added to develop your skills.

Shell Energetics 101, 102

Do you sometimes walk along the beach and collect shells? Do you want to know about the energetics of different shells? Shells can be made into an essence and used like flower essences and homeopathics – like for like.

Spiritual Life Force Vibrations

All life force has a vibrational signature. Learn how connected all vibrations are and to start your spiritual journey in how that life force can assist you in lifting your energy levels to a higher plane and how man – the Microcosm is a reflection of the Universe – the Macrocosm; As Above So Below.

TCM Massage Chi 101, 102, 103 

Ancient Traditional Chinese Massage techniques of Chi used to help strengthen, revitalise, sedate and activate energy points along meridians for health and well-being.

Tree of Life – Kabbalah 101, 102, 103 

Ancient wisdom re-used by the Jewish as a religion and is part of the seeing eye of knowledge from the universe/god or goddesses that was divided and segmented and thrown out into the world for people to work together and find peace, happiness and harmony when it is used as a form of awareness to heal your mind, body and soul. The energy of physical body parts, flowers, plants, trees, oils, colour, thoughts, archangels, chakra’s, auras, numbers, planets etc and the list goes on.

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