My Services

Here is a list of therapies and services that I offer for face to face  and online interactive sessions.

Forest Bathing is at Blue Earth property location for those who would like a Bush Walking Adventure.

Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Blends

Sensory Release Activation & Balancing

Mind Body Medicine


Holistic Healer Icon Yin/Yang

Yin/Yang Balance & Breathe-work

Sensory Release Activation & Balancing

Meditation Icon

Holistic Health & Wellness

Holistic Healer Icon Yin/Yang

Holistic Counselling

Holistic Healer Icon Yin/Yang

Sound Healing - Tuning Forks

Massage, Stretching & Muscle Tension

Nutritional Kinesiology

EFT Tapping

Holistic Healer Icon Yin/Yang

TCM - Eastern Medicine Philosophy



Mentor, Instructor & Master Trainer

Tea Blends

Sensory Release Activation & Balancing

Reiki Healing

Chronic Illness & FodMap

Flower Essences

Holistic Healer Icon Yin/Yang

Qi Gong

Reiki Healing

Dry Needling

Tibetan Gong, Bells & Siberian Healing Drum

Holistic Healer Icon Yin/Yang

Touch Therapy

Polarity Balancing

Past Life Therapy

FOL - Frequencies of Life Logo

FOL Courses & Workshops

FOL – Frequencies of Life Courses & Workshops available with online interactive viewing.

FOL Aroma Energetics 101-109

Holistic Healer Icon Yin/Yang

FOL Aura & Chakra Energetics 101-103

FOL Chakra Energetics 101-106

FOL Colour Energetics 101-105

FOL Energetic Communication of the Mind, Body & Soul

Holistic Healer Icon Yin/Yang

FOL Crystal Energetic Healing 101-103

FOL Energetic Essences 101-107

FOL Flower Essences 101-109

FOL Energetic Homeopathy 101-103

Holistic Healer Icon Yin/Yang

FOL Energetic Massage 101-104

FOL Energetic Meridian Massage 101-103

FOL Energetic Numerology

FOL Energetic Nutritional Kinesiology

Holistic Healer Icon Yin/Yang

FOL Palmistry


FOL Sound Healing 101-107

FOL Energetic Qi Gong

Holistic Healer Icon Yin/Yang

FOL Energetic Acu-Reflexology

FOL 'As Above So Below' Macrocosm to the Microcosm

FOL Energetic Kabbalah 101-111

FOL Spiritual Alchemy

Holistic Healer Icon Yin/Yang

FOL Mood Glasses Online Interactive Therapy 101-112

FOL Food is Medicine

FOL Vibrational Medicine

Don’t wait to make the shift to a more holistic approach

The holistic approach is enveloping the mind, body and soul of a person in unison. You are looking for the core issue to activate, release and balance. Most conditions may have an emotional component to address, when addressed it can speed up the feel good hormone – serotonin in the body, for some people they eat chocolate to get the same type of feel good feeling. Chocolate is a quick fix that you are craving, and it is far better to make it feel good on a more permanent basis.

My Practice


281 Brooman Road,                 Morton. NSW. 2538.

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