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Mimi has been a Vibrational Kinesthetic Empath all her life and started her own business MLE in 2001 with Reiki, as she has a gift since she was a young girl and the healing gift she discovered when she worked on her eldest son when he had growing pains in his elbows around 1989 on. Mimi’s daughter in 1994 at the age of 7, was losing her sight, and diagnosed ‘legally blind to drive a car’ with a retinal dystrophy and a year later her sight was returning and at the age of 16 she got her licence and loves driving her car. Mimi’s gift allows her to feel people’s body energies and uniquely allows her to use the best type of therapy to suit the client’s energy and as a safety check muscle tests, to make sure that this is correct.

Mimi Love is a qualified therapist since 2006 in Holistic Kinesiology, and has added to her skills constantly for the benefit of her clients with Aromatherapy, TCM Philosophy & Remedial Massage and a Trainer & Assessor, and has been working with these for the last 11 years.

Mimi has worked for ACNT as a trainer with face to face classes in TCM, Energetic Essences and Naturopathy 1 and online with Open Colleges as a trainer and assessor for Aromatherapy Course and Diploma of Beauty with Indian Head Massage, Massage – Aromatherapy, Swedish & Lymphatic, Provide Body Treatment and Reflexology. 

Membership with ATMS, AKA & IICTHealth fund rebates are available with some funds. Mimi is a hypersensitive and is allergic to the external world, and has had to find her own way for her body to cope with her sensitivities as her spiritual gift of hands on healing which is Purple/Indigo depletes her physical energy of the Solar Plexus which is Yellow. Without her hypersensitivity she would not have been able to develop her gift of touch to feel due to this over-sensitivity of her body.

If you have lost hope or feel you are too complicated for others to understand, then Mimi understands and can help you find natural ways to bring balance – homeostasis to your Mind, Body & Soul.

  • Corporate Events
    Full/Half Day; Health – Food is Earth Medicine Presentation
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    Educate and Awaken those in Complementary Therapies, Health & Wellness and Natural Product Making
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