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Vibrational Medicine 101…

Alternative Medicine – New Age

Your Mind, Body & Soul has to communicate with chemical and electrical waves of energy. Energy is a vibration that activates every level of anatomy & physiology through the cells. All other waves of energy can effect our state of being. All life forces have waves of vibration. Understanding vibrations can help us understand the energy around and within us. We as humans are the microcosm and contain the macrocosm of the universe. The macrocosm effects the microcosm, the Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets to what surrounds us here on Earth in the Microcosm. This e-book is about the power of knowledge that exist in vibrations and opens your awareness into your internal and external world. Awareness that will direct you into specific fields of interest, find your colour of life within your tree of life into enlightenment. In this e-book – PDF As Above So Below. 

Mimi Love as your mentor can individualise a program for you with e-books, workshops and courses to achieve your desired goal.

Where is the Magical Forest?  

20 Pages

Children’s Book inspired by her grandson Nathanael – Preview

Where is the Magical Forest? 

Illustrated and Written by Mimi Love 


Your Child’s Individualised Journey. Personally modify your Family photos to include the child and family members in abstract picture format

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