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What is it like to be an Empath?

 “Empaths are typically known as the healers of the world. They’re the people whose senses are heightened–the ones that not only see the different energies of the world, but actually feel them, experience them. Those who are not empaths might think that this ability to feel what others feel is a gift, but if you can convince an empath to talk about their gift, they might tell you that it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. In fact, it’s quite often not a very fun gift to possess at all.”

Yes I would agree about this as I have been given a gift of healing. I rarely ever see my gift as having a dark side. People do gravitate towards you, trust you and feel safe with you, and tell you things they have never told another soul, and then tell say that “I have never told anyone this, I don’t know why I told you”. I don’t see this gift as a stress, but it can be a burden, if you let others take advantage of your kind empathic nature, and feel better by draining your energy. I call them ‘energy sucking vampires’ lol, as I love vampire movies. This means that even though I am Pisces and like to work without boundaries, when I feel someone is trying to drain my energy, I empower myself and won’t be drained. Unfortunately when working with the gifts and you are actually doing an esoteric healing and tap into a person, whose mother has asked you for help, I first check I have permission to do so, but working on that deep level psychic connection can keep the tether – gold/silver chord still hooked up. Empathically you are trying your best to help someone who is in desperate need of help, level of psychic empathy leads to my batteries being drained to repair the other person, as they get better, to take on all the toxic release. This is the down side of an empath, this intensity does not happen very often, but once in a blue moon, a mother who believes they will lose their child, will keep praying that connection and all their hope on you to bring about their miracle. When I entered a room full of people fifteen years ago, there was an overwhelming wave of emotions that hit me, all at the same time. That wave would make me feel very uncomfortable and would take me about 15 – 20 minutes to climatise and feel like me again. I learned it was far better to arrive at a social club early to beat the crowd, and then, there was no need to climatise.

“The dark side of being an empath is constantly being exhausted and fatigued from the energies you absorb. But, you’d never know it. Because the empath never dares break down or lose composure. They quietly observe, acknowledge and feel.

As many others do, empaths want to be loved and accepted for who they are. But, it is their generosity and kindness that often sees them being taken advantage of by those who only take, never give. Empaths are ‘givers’ by all means, ready to show kindness to those in need at all times.”

 This is true as we try to be strong for everyone, but I faltered, when I was trying to sell my house, and move away from everyone I knew, even my children, to start ‘Blue Earth’ for me to be who I truly needed to be. I had to turn to the support of my eldest son, who was my rock, without him, I was overwhelmed by my youngest son’s loss, of his mother, and it was heart wrenching. I needed to, for once be selfless to myself, as everyone had a path to follow and their lives, and this was my new life, as I had spent most of my 56 years being selfless. I had read books, how other psychics had to leave their old life, due to heavenly intervention, to receive enlightenment e.g. Drunvalo Melchizedek but he took his wife with him, but he lost her as she could not stand the isolation.

Isolation is something I thought I could never do, and although I felt incredibly lonely, because no-one could feel what I felt, and didn’t want to be alone, I also couldn’t stand to be around others energy, that caused me pain. The sound waves of the heavy traffic, airplanes, people, smells, crowds, noise it all waned heavy as the senses were burdened with life in the fast lane. The fast lane feels superficial to me, and getting back to basics and simple living with a few mod cons of course, feels more true to my soul. Every inch of my soul would scream with bombardment of people living for a superficial life, what he has, what she says, and keeping up with the Jones’. I wouldn’t say that this is the dark side of empaths; I would say with every gift comes a price, and if you are willing to accept and pay the price, then you can be happy. Happiness comes from within, and so empaths need their own space literally.

I am now in living off the grid and loving it, happy to be isolated from suburbia and unreal reality. Two kilometres from the nearest neighbour, the garbage bins and my letter box, seems unreasonable, but not really, I am proud of it. My own water, power and sewerage, and still working on a way to make a nice enclosure for my vegetable patch, without too much steel, as my first two attempts, ended in the swamp wallabies killing all the fruit trees. My little slice of heaven is surrounded by my own forest of eucalypts and native animals. The forest allows purification and tonification to my mind, body and soul. Every window has nature as its scenery, and the only way you can tell there is an outside world, is the sound of light planes overhead and the mobile phone towers on top of the hill. My contact with the outside world is technology with internet and mobile phone, without this I couldn’t have moved here. I affect all technology, well, my energy does, but everyone has their own challenges, and this is mine.

I am still the healer, but, I just chose to do so, where nature helps replenish the energy and my body and soul. Nature is healing me, so I can heal others, and I continue to be true to my soul, and my gifts.


Excerpts of an article posted via Facebook through WORLD.PARHLO.COM


“The Dark Side Of Empathic People That You Rarely See and Must Always Be Cautious Of!”

Posted on July 3, 2017

By Amanda Greene