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Professional Accredited Courses
IICT: International Institute for Complementary Therapies.
AKA: Australian Kinesiology Association – TBA

Frequencies of Life: Courses

Many of the courses can be used to gain certification with IICT, once you have completed exams assessments and required study for your vocation. The future plan is that the AKA will accredit a majority of the workshops for CPE points for Professional Kinesiology as framework. Mimi Love can adapt courses for different groups like massage therapists, aromatherapists, TCM Remedial therapists and Kinesiologists. Mimi Love is happy to pass on knowledge and work all who truly want to discover the wonder of frequencies and vibrations, that will enhance our lives, and the quality of life.


Aroma: Learn the theory on how to use 100% essential oils for therapeutic uses via application, blending, safe standards and practices with Aroma 101, 102 and 103. Attend a weekend workshop to put the theory into practice, and to learn massage techniques with 104. Aromatherapists & Kinesiologists would benefit with Aroma 105 Aromatic Evaluation via Smell – A Professional evaluation of emotional triggers using 100% essential oils as positive and negative memory responses and Kinesiologists can use muscle testing to activate and release and/or repair trauma. Aromatherapists will be able to blend the oils to use in the clinic with treatments. Works very well and you will be amazed in the interaction with the client and you can tell if you activate or release the memory by their sense of smell changing while you work on them.

Acu- Reflexology Energetics 

Acu-pressure points are part of the Chinese Philosophy of the Elements and Meridians and only the acu-points on the feet are used to help with health & wellness. 

Chakra Energetics

Chakra Energetics 101 and 102 you can learn the theory but it is far better to learn to attend a workshop to cement some of the different practices to open and balance the Chakras for the mind, body and soul healing, from basic to advanced therapy techniques, to integration with other therapies.

Chinese Philosophy

The Chinese Philosophy is over 2,000 years old, with the aspects of Yin/Yang and the 5 Elements.

Colour Energetics

Colour Energetics is learning about what strong and pale colours, and how all the colours reflect emotions and different body organs and Chinese aspects. You can learn to change your mood, home, work and lifestyle by using colour to infuse into your energy. 

Food is Earth Medicine

Incorporates food for health and well being as a daily therapy of less processed and more natural food and teas that bring your body back to simple, and not living as an adrenaline junkie on junk food and additives.

Heal your Body Energetics

Heal your Body Energetics is part of Food is Earth Medicine and focuses on herbs, spices, vitamins and minerals as in nature for feeding and sustaining your body naturally.

Kinesiology Chi Energetics – Ancient Traditions of Spirit

The Chinese Philosophy of the Acupuncture and Meridian system is over 2,000 years old. In Ancient China the Emperor’s used the Spirit of the Elements and 8 Extra-ordinary Meridians and their correlation to combinations of spirit to heal deep layers of the soul. There is also the aspect of how to work out the Yin/Yang percentage of a person and the Elements that make up those Elements that can give you any percentage from 0%, 25%, 50%, 100% of either/and or yin/yang. This is from the 8 Trigrams and works on 2 aspects of each Trigram being either yin or yang = 4 possible outcomes, and divided in quarters = 25% each. This is worked out from the branches and stems which make up Chinese Astrology for Chi Energetics. 

Kinesiology Chi Energetics – Diploma TBA

Basic Kinesiology will also be part of the course, offered in workshop modules and eventually it will become a Diploma Course with accreditation of the AKA as every module is signed off separately. The Diploma will offer the required learning in all areas, for health fund certification with the AKA. As there will be many modules, which are still being documented, this process may take at least 12 months before finalised with the AKA. 

Mind, Body & Soul Energetics

How Energetics of all Life Forces and our own Human Anatomy & Physiology is energy.

Numerology – Advanced

Advanced Numerology classes for those that know the basics and want to know how to add the Energetics of the Numbers for shapes and relationships.


How to understand that Palmistry is part of a science, looking at colour, shape, style and lines to see what your natal hand shows to what you have changed on your dominant hand.

Psychic Awareness 

Learn what type of psychic energy is your strength and weakness, and how to become more aware and enlightened.

Spiritual Life Force Vibrations

Life force Vibrations are in every living cell and the Macrocosm of the Universe affects the Microcosm of the Human Being.

TCM – Chinese Energetics – Yin/Yang Assessment

A separate course in the evaluation of yin/yang assessment and the Chinese Elements of the 8 Trigrams for TCM students that don’t want to learn Kinesiology. This assessment can help you greatly with your clients and why there energy is what it is, and what Elements are involved in their individual make up.

Tuning Fork Therapy

Tuning Fork course can be used as a healing therapy, as well as added and included to the Kinesiology course. Learn how to use different forks from the 3rd octave to the 6th octave for activating and aligning many different hormones, glands, brain waves, auras, chakra’s and on acupressure points.

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