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My Holistic Artwork & Prints!

Energetic Artwork Canvas Originals & Prints are available to purchase.

If you have a theme, or colour scheme, you can commission Mimi Love to paint you a unique painting just for you! 

If you love a particular canvas and you would like it in another colour scheme, just ask!

Visit Studio at ‘Blue Earth’ to see paintings – by appointment.

Mimi Love has a passion for colour and energy, and has channelled that energy into Art. Studying Art at school as a teenager, she painted life size cartoon pictures on the garage walls. Now her canvas, is her house and business.

Quirky and eccentric about colour and natural timber, it is all about the unique energy that each room brings into focus. Green was always her favourite colour, the colour of the Chinese Element – Wood for you can stay stagnant or like the wind you bring about change. The season is spring and from the seedlings new growth and life happens, and relates to the Heart Chakra, Liver and Gall Bladder Meridans. Wood is a hard element to change as it tends to get stuck, and an Ancient Chinese Proverb is “Before enlightenment chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.” So you still chop wood, so life is still chopping wood, but you feel different. I still love Green but I progressed to Turquoise which is a colour of the inner Heart Chakra from around 1992. That colour is pleasing to my eyes, reminds me of the sea and the flow of deep sea water. Peaceful, quiet, tranquil with depth of inner truth and cooling properties. 

Mimi Love Enterprises Logo is a mandala creation of one of her canvases tweaked to form her Logo. A tree of life in the centre, with roots, planted into the Earth, a heart centre – showing empathy, love and the cosmic connection to the microcosm and life force from within, to the macrocosm of the Sun and the Moon’s energy with the growth of the branches and stems, with two tree trunks on the outside representing yin/yang – female/male, moon/sun energy. The Logo is available to buy a printed version with a life force of creative words on the back. “Blue Earth Retreat is a wonderful healing space in an Eco-friendly off the grid environment. Mimi’s hidden treasure tucked away in Morton with a view of Pigeon House Mountain. Feel at home with the mother nature just relax and create. I LOVE to PAINT and CREATE. This Mandala design is another version of my canvas for my logo. This is my gift to you the Energetic Healing Forest, nature, fresh air, fairies, toadstools, animals, the elements and the Sun and Moon – Yang and Yin. The combination of Male and Female energy of consciousness to connect to your Heart-space and your Soul. One day you might visit and stay to heal your Mind, Body & Soul. Root yourself into the Earth and believe MAGIC is possible. The ‘Witchdoctor’ has spoken – Mimi Love.” 

Mimi Love Mandala Print Mimi Love Mandala Print


Mimi Love Mandala Back Mimi Love Mandala Back

Aura & Chakra Print

Aura & Chakra Print

Chameleon Print

Chameleon Print


Crown Chakra Print


Third Eye Chakra Print



Throat Chakra Print


Heart Chakra Print


Solar Plexus Chakra Print



Sacral Chakra Print


Base Chakra Print


Zygote Canvas


Winter Pine Trees Winter Pine Trees Canvas

Watermelon Heart

Watermelon Heart Canvas

Green Vortex Energy - Twin Worlds Green Vortex – Twin Worlds Canvas


Tree Life Blood

Tree Life Blood Canvas

Tree Man Tree Man Canvas

Red Sun

Red Sun Canvas


Spawning Tree Spawning Tree Canvas

Snow Capped Mountains Snow Capped Mountains Canvas

Reindeer Reindeer Canvas


Red Heart

Red Heart Canvas

Red Broomstick Man

Red Broomstick Man Canvas

Purple Flower Stalks Purple Flower Storks Canvas


Purple Paisley

Purple Paisley Canvas

Purple Paisley Ribbons

Purple Paisley Ribbons Canvas

Magenta Paisley

Magenta Paisley Canvas


Throat Chakra Print


Heart Chakra Print


Solar Plexus Chakra Print



Throat Chakra Print


Heart Chakra Print

Pineapple & Cherries Canvas


Holistic Colour Therapy Artwork

Mimi Love creates through the colour and canvas develops as she paints and sets the scene of the energetics that flow onto the canvas.

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way.

Mimi Love at Blue Earth

About Me

Mimi Love is loving know as the “Witchdoctor” by her friends. Her heart is open to share her love and understanding with others, as knowledge is power. One day you might visit for Forest Bathing and stay to heal your Mind, Body & Soul. Root yourself into the Earth and believe MAGIC is possible. 

How It Works is Mind, Body Medicine!

According to Mim Beim's website; "The power of Breathing with Mim Beim - Teaching patients to breath better helps them to heal by lessening the effects of carbon dioxide from shallowing breathing and switching on the parasympathetic nervous system."

– Mim Beim

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– Jane Doe

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– John Doe

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